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Keep the meta description in between 430 and 920 pixels long (70 and 155 characters respectively). To define the homepage meta details, visit to your Magento backend and browse to: Material > Configuration (under Design) There, search for Default Shop View and click the Edit link after it to adjust the Default Shop View homepage’s meta information.

Scroll down to HTML Head under Other Settings and expand the setting choices: Modifying the Default Shop View homepage’s meta information in Magento 2. You can neglect the Default Page Title and Default Meta Description fields, as they aren’t used within Magento by default. Overlook the Default Meta Keywords field too, as meta keywords haven’t been used by online search engine for over a years.

The 2 staying fields, Page Title Prefix and Page Title Suffix do matter: Page Title Prefix: you wish to keep this field empty, as whatever you include there is added at the start (the most vital part) of the title. Having a generic prefix goes against everything we understand about the title tag, so keep it empty.

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This will be added at the end of every page title, which assists you from a branding perspective. Specifying meta details templates for products and classifications, which take up the lion’s share of a shop’s pages, is what will save you the most time here. Sadly, this is a feature Magento itself lacks.

Therefore, we advise utilizing an extension such as “Meta Tags Templates by Amasty” or “SEO Meta Templates by MageWorx”. Here are some sample page title design templates you can utilize: Category pages: $categoryName $shopName so for example: “Tee shirts for males Joe’s Tee shirts”. Subcategory pages: $subcategoryName $categoryName $shopName so for example: “Breaking Bad Tee shirts Tee shirts for males Joe’s T-shirts”.

White Tee shirts Breaking Bad tee shirts Joe’s Tee shirts”. Here we’re intentionally overlooking $categoryName, as that would typically make the title too long. Here are sample meta description templates you can use: Category pages: Trying to find $categoryName? Take a look at our massive choice of $amountOfProducts Tee shirts at $shopName!, so for instance: “Searching for T-shirts? Have a look at our huge choice of 10,431 Tee shirts at Joe’s T-shirts”.

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Product detail pages: Purchase a $productName beginning with $productPrize. Delivering time: $shippingTime. Only at $shopName!, so for instance: “Buy a Mr. White Tee shirts for as little as $19.99. Shipping time: 24 hr. Only at Joe’s T-shirts!”. Templating the creation of important SEO components, such as the title, meta description and H1 heading, is a crucial time-saving exercise when increasing the variety of categories on your eCommerce store.

As soon as you’ve created your title tags based upon design templates, do not forget to go back and manually tweak top entertainers to target additional keyword variations to increase traffic even more! Sam Underwood, Digital Search Marketing Supervisor, Interflora For other pages, such as landing pages and About Us, you can utilize the following templates: Page title: $pageName – $companyName, for instance: “About Us – Joe’s Tee shirts” Meta description: Take a look at our $pageName page!, for example: “Inspect out our About United States page!” Keep in mind that the suggested templates won’t work for every business, and they might not fit your design.

Helpful resources Whether headings are utilized properly in your Magento shop depends upon two things: How headings are structured within your theme. How you utilize headings in your content which is completely as much as you. Here’s a quick refresher: An excellent heading structure helps visitors quickly scan a page, and helps browse engines easily comprehend its structure and topic.

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For that reason, the H1 heading must consist of meaningful text. Usage only one H1 heading per page. For readability, stick to a maximum heading length of 60 characters. Don’t use headings for global elements that are present on every page, such as for example search performance. Don’t apply H2 headings to item names on product category summary pages.

A file’s heading structure explained. Be smart about your product-category, item, and page names, since these names will be used as the H1 headings by default. Don’t use H1 headings in the body material, because that will cause having numerous H1 headings (see above). The appropriate use of page headings provides a clear and identifiable structure and hierarchy to the content on your pages, both from a technical and visual point of view.

For example, if a user is aiming to find out the delivery costs of a product – make it as simple as possible for them to discover this information by properly structuring your content. But it isn’t practically Google and SEO, it’s likewise about enhancing the web for everyone.