Apple IMac 27 Review – Best Home Computer

Apple’s iMac is a workhorse of a desktop computer. With maximum memory, the computer can handle every workload, from games, small business management, photography, and even video production. I stumbled upon the 27″ at Tyler School of Art in the advanced lab. Working on it was the best computer experience I have ever had in my life. It sits on a desk and just works from the moment you start using it

Before sitting down at the computer, I naturally had a few things in mind that had to get done. I was there with a purpose. It was so fast and easy to use, that I did not get distracted once. From the start to finish, my work was on-task and efficient. I scanned negatives, blogged, and edited some photos with unparalleled efficiency. The screen is so big and easy to see that every window was there when I needed it. Apple’s iMac gets an A+, because there is no better deal


  • This iMac runs the best operating system, OS X, and can also run Windows 7 in a virtual machine or exclusively
  • With 27″ of display real estate, there is enough room to share it among many different apps
  • Today’s iMacs are so fast that they set a new benchmark and standard
  • Great value, you get an LED display, keyboard, mouse, and a computer with all the hardware you need to work


  • A potential drawback is the price tag, though it is absolutely worth it in my opinion
  • Servicing the computer, if ever a problem arises, can be a hassle because it will need to be dropped off at an Apple store
  • New 2013 iMacs have no CD/DVD drive
  • New 2013 21.5″ iMacs require certified professionals to modify RAM configurations (27″ still have user-accessible RAM)

Apple’s iMac deserves an A+ because using it is the best computer experience, far surpassing other all-in-one competitors. I arrived at this rating because the iMac experience is so profound. I got one soon after graduating college, and it serves me and my home-based business everyday. It delivers on all fronts

I used a Pentium 4 3.1ghz from iBuyPower for over 10 years and had to reload Windows XP at least eight times. If you are lucky enough to get an iMac someday, you will never go back to other brands. Know what you are getting when buying a 2013 iMac, because they have significant hardware changes like those mentioned earlier. Also, read my blog post about the insane and rare problems I had with my first iMac– you will not want to miss it!

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