Beefing Up the Motorcycle Horn to Protect Yourself

We’ve come a long way from the old cha-ching beep beep horns that used to accompany bikes of kinds. Enter the world of motorcycle horns with names like Bad Boy, Air Max, and Power House – just to name a few! You can only imagine the volume and sound these guys emit!!

With double trumpet horns, dressed in a chrome exterior, these new guys will get the job done! Loud enough now to scare the pants of the yutz that just cut you off, or is about to – you finally can have a little protection and confidence when you’re out cruising on the road. It may still be hard to see you, but it will no longer be hard to hear you!!

They are super easy to install and connect to any 12 volt electrical system. Measuring a sound around 118 decibels – 540/660 hz – they can and will be heard. You can get them in a package that includes the compressor, weather protection covers, and a back cover, if you like. And they’re made to look good too, all chromed up and everything!!

These are just too good to be true. Made by folks like Wolo Manufacturing and others, the new bike horns are well built, sturdy, and made to last. So cruise by your favorite aftermarket horn web store and check these out. Then get yourself your own new supersonic motorcycle horn today! And then get back on the highway, looking for adventure, in whatever comes your way! Now you got the power!

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