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What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is something that many people may have heard of, but most have not given much thought to. Permanent makeup is literally tattoos on the face that create the illusion of makeup. While some people get tattoos for simple, convenience related reasons, most people have serious reasons to go through the procedure.

Reasons for the Procedure

While some people do look for that convenience, there are those who have actual issues that make permanent makeup a serious consideration. Some people have severe eyesight problems; by having the tattoo procedure done, they can be sure to have the perfect makeup look all of the time. There are some who are actually allergic to the materials that are in the makeup itself. Because their body reacts negatively to the makeup, and those who have gone through classes so that they can have the look of makeup without all of the issues. Also, those who have issues and problems with keeping steady hands (or have problems shaking) can look to permanent makeup as a way to save time and frustration.

People who Perform the Procedure

While permanent makeup is a tattoo, regular tattoo artists cannot actually perform the lasting makeup procedure. Those who wish to be able to must take permanent makeup classes. lasting makeup classes teach those who wish to learn how to properly tattoo on the look to make it look exactly like makeup.

Results and Issues with Permanent Makeup

After the procedure, the tattooing will look extreme. After a short time, the extreme look will subside, so that the tattooing actually looks like makeup. Just as any tattoo, however, permanent makeup can be difficult to remove. The process to remove is difficult, painful, and long, and may not be able to remove all of the makeup. Because of this, those looking into lasting composition should know exactly what they are getting into before the procedure is done.

Permanent makeup is something that can help people more than some realize. While it is somewhat serious, as it is a tattoo, those who take permanent makeup classes are able to perform the procedure with great results. Those who simply look to enduring makeup for convenience may not want to go through the procedure. Those who need it, however, have lasting makeup to help them have the look of makeup without the issues.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening – How To Safely Whiten Your Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide

One of the two chemicals most commonly used in over the counter teeth whitening products today is hydrogen peroxide. This is the active ingredient responsible for the whitening results provided by many at home whitening gels, strips, and pens. This powerful chemical can provide great whitening results but care must be taken to use it safely and avoid potential side effects.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?
Hydrogen peroxide is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and two of oxygen. It takes the form of a clear liquid resembling water but it functions as an oxidizer – a chemical that breaks down into oxygen. Because of this it is has many applications in cleaning and bleaching. For example, it is used to sterilize wounds and bleach hair. Teeth whitening is just one of the many uses of this chemical.

How Does Hydrogen Peroxide Whiten Teeth?
Hydrogen peroxide is a useful whitening agent because it breaks down into water and oxygen. It is the concentrated oxygen released by peroxide that actively breaks apart the chemical bonds holding together the stain pigments within your teeth. Unlike abrasive ingredients like baking soda that can only clear stains off the surface enamel of your teeth, the oxygen from peroxide can penetrate into the porous structure of your enamel and dentin to clean your teeth from the inside out. The yellow or brown discoloration on your teeth is the result of stain pigments from eating certain foods, drinks or from smoking. The oxygen tears apart these pigments at a molecular level, resulting in far whiter teeth than can be achieved with surface level cleaning.

How Does Hydrogen Peroxide Compare to Carbamide Peroxide?
Carbamide peroxide is also used for teeth whitening and in fact carbamide will break down into hydrogen peroxide. This means that a solution of carbamide peroxide has less concentrated whitening power than an equal percentage of hydrogen peroxide. It’s only about a third as strong. A 30% percent concentration of carbamide peroxide is only as effective at bleaching your teeth to a whiter shade as a 10% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Despite this carbamide peroxide is popularly used in whitening products.

The reason carbamide peroxide is commonly used in at home whitening products instead of hydrogen peroxide is because it is safer to handle. Whitening products that include carbamide peroxide for whitening are safer to use and much less likely to cause side effects than hydrogen peroxide whitening gels which use stronger concentrations of peroxide. A good carbamide peroxide whitening gel can still get you the whitening results you’re looking for, despite providing less peroxide.

Both carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are effective at whitening teeth. Don’t worry too much about the relative strengths and concentrations of various peroxide-based whitening products. Instead of trying to find the highest concentration of hydrogen peroxide available in a whitening product you can get the whiter teeth you want with a lower and safer concentration of carbamide peroxide.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide?
Unfortunately, because it is such a strong oxidizer hydrogen peroxide can cause side effects like temporarily increased tooth sensitivity or even chemical burns if allowed to come in contact with skin or the gums.

These side effects can be avoided however. To prevent tooth sensitivity that makes it painful to eat ice cream or drink hot soup you can use a restorative fluoride toothpaste featuring NovaMin to repair the structure of your teeth before whitening with a hydrogen peroxide gel. This will make your teeth less susceptible to that annoying side effect.

Preventing chemical burns is also easy. Just follow the manufacturer’s directions exactly as written, carefully noting the amount of whitening gel to use. This will keep the peroxide gel from seeping out of its holding tray and coming into contact with your gums. Remember that using more gel will not whiten your teeth any faster. Don’t fill the tray with more gel than necessary.

You can also consider using a product featuring a lower concentration of peroxide to avoid side effects, but it will take more treatments to get the attractive white smile you’re after.

What Teeth Whitening Results Will Hydrogen Peroxide Provide?
The results you’ll get from treating your teeth with a hydrogen peroxide whitening product will vary depending on the severity of your dental stains, the concentration of the peroxide solution, how long each whitening session is and how many days you keep whitening. Because of all these different factors it’s difficult to make a precise estimate of how effectively your teeth will be whitened, but peroxide products are the most powerful conventional whitening solutions available. Even dentists use peroxide when they whiten your teeth in a professional whitening treatment. You should expect a to have teeth that are at least a few shades whiter than what you started with, if you are using a quality ADA approved whitening gel.

How Long Will Whitening With Hydrogen Peroxide Take?
Just as with the whitening results it’s difficult to estimate the length of time you’ll need to whiten to reach your goal, but you can expect to see results within one to two weeks of daily treatment. This is far faster than whitening with toothpaste alone.

Do Dentists Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Whiten Teeth?
Peroxide is the most common way to whiten teeth other than abrasion. It’s not just limited to over the counter products for home use. Dentists use it to whiten teeth in treatments within a dental office. These treatments can be expensive, costing several hundred dollars per session. Because of this it is far more cost-effective to try out whitening at home with peroxide gel and following up with whitening toothpaste to see if the results are good enough for you, before dealing with the expense of multiple professional whitening sessions.

If you choose to have your dentist bleach your teeth the procedure will usually take no more than an hour per session, with the number of sessions determined by how badly discolored your teeth are and how white you want them to be, as well as how many sessions you can afford.

The dentist will begin by cleaning your teeth with an abrasive, then cover your gums to prevent them coming in contact with the powerful concentration of peroxide that will be used, and finally apply the peroxide to your teeth.

What At-Home Teeth Whitening Products Contain Hydrogen Peroxide?
You can purchase diluted concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in liquid form as a general purpose oxidizer for use in cleaning or bleaching and use this form mixed with baking soda to whiten your teeth, but peroxide products made specifically for whitening teeth will produce the best results while also being safer to handle and use. Hydrogen peroxide is most commonly found as the active ingredient in whitening strips and you can also purchase whitening gels that use it, though the carbamide form of peroxide is more commonly found in whitening gels.

How Should Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gels Be Used?
Carefully follow the directions as written by the manufacturer and do not use more gel than specified to avoid side effects like gum irritation and pain. Specifics will vary from brand to brand, but generally you will use a tray to hold the gel in contact with your teeth for a short period of time per session, with one or two sessions per day as needed.

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Laser Hair Removal System – Know the Facts

Why is Hair Removal Essential?

Apart from cosmetic reasons, there can be other compelling reasons why people want to remove hair; for example medical reasons.

This is required when due to some hormonal imbalance women start sprouting hair at places where they are not supposed to, e.g., facial hair. Also, before surgery a patient’s hair requires removal in order to reduce chances of infection. This is done by a simple temporary method like shaving.

Social and cultural reasons dictate hair removal at times. Would you look better at the workplace clean-shaven or with stubble or would you like to flaunt hairy legs on a date? These are things like that make up social and cultural reasons. Many religions across the world also involve some kind of hair removal ritual. Check out Proper Puss by clicking here.

Types of Hair Removal

There are basically two types of hair removal – temporary and permanent hair removal processes. Before we discuss the different methods available for hair removal it is essential to know that hair growth starts from beneath the skin’s surface.

If you want to remove hair above the skin’s surface then that is most likely a temporary method, also called depilation. Shaving, trimming, using creams or powders that dissolve hair or using rough surfaces to rub off hair are temporary methods.

Permanent hair removal, also called epilation, involves removing hair not just from the surface but removing it entirely along with the root. Methods like tweezing, waxing, sugaring, threading, etc. are depilation methods. Then there are the more sophisticated depilation methods such as electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Permanent Hair Removal System

If you are looking for a type of permanent hair removal system, you can rest assured in knowing that there are many options available to you, and so depending on your budget, available time, and personal preference, you should be able to narrow down between the available options and decide on the one that is right for you.

Some of the most popular permanent hair removal system processes include:

o Electrolysis hair removal

o Epilators

o Hair growth inhibitors

o Hair removal creams and depilatories

o Ingrown hair treatments

o Sugaring

o Waxing

Laser Hair Removal System

There are different types of laser hair removal systems that are available for you to choose, when you are looking for a laser hair removal system.

Each laser hair removal system is different in at least some way from the next, and this is why it is so incredibly important that you truly make yourself knowledgeable on all of the different options, so that you will be sure to make the decision that is right and best for you in the end.

The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

o Laser hair removal is considered extremely safe if performed properly and by qualified specialists.

o A majority of clients have reported long lasting results and even permanent hair removal.

o A laser hair removal treatment can be carried out on large areas such as the chest, back, and legs in one session.

o If there is re-growth after laser hair removal this will be much lighter and finer in texture than before.

o It can be virtually painless when compared with waxing and electrolysis as a means of body hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser hair removal is an incredibly significant and important matter, and in fact a large majority of the people in the world has had it done.

However, in the case of something like this, it seems that there would of course have to be some types of side effects, and this is what begs the questions of what the possible laser hair removal side effects are.

In regards to the matter of the possible laser hair removal side effects, if you are one of those people who is worried about the safety of this practice, it is important for you to know that laser hair removal side effects are in fact quite rare, and, in most other cases, completely temporary.

Hyper Pigmentation

The most common side effects would include something such as hyper pigmentation, meaning the appearance of dark or white spots, of which would appear on the skin and then disappear in a few months.

This usually happens more often to those who have extremely sensitive skin, and more sensitive skins may also become slightly crusty, but again it is important to recognize and remember that all of these symptoms are only temporary.

Exposure to Sun

Basically, in regards to the side effects from such a treatment as this, they are closely related with exposure to sun or otherwise photo-sensitizing medications.

For instance, people who go to tanning beds regularly may not be an excellent candidate for this laser hair removal procedure, or they should at least refrain from going to the beds for a significant period of time both before and after they plan on having the procedure done.

Laser Hair Removal Risks

There are particular laser hair removal risks that are involved with a laser hair removal treatment or procedure just like any other type of procedure. It is significant for anyone who is planning to have a procedure like this done to understand the possible laser hair removal risks, so that they are well informed on the matter as a whole before having it done.

Skin Burns

The laser hair removal risks may include things such as a burning of the skin, or a discoloring on darker skin due to the use of the laser. This is particularly more likely if the doctor that is performing the procedure is not qualified or experienced enough, and so this is why you will want to make extra sure that the staff of the location you are going to is extremely qualified and deserving of your business and your trust.

Redness or Swelling

As well, after the procedure, no medications or bandages are essential however you are likely to notice some redness and swelling on the skin for a relative time after it is completed.

Crusting of the Skin

As well, stinging may occur for the first couple of days, and some people may even experience a slight crusting of the skin; if this crusting occurs in your case, you should make sure to keep the whole area moist, for example with Vaseline, which is the most recommended option for this.

In regards to the possible laser hair removal risks, there are few, but these still must be considered as critical to learn and understand about.

Seeking Out the Help of Professional Surgeon

There are many options in terms of laser hair removal that you can think about. One option is to seek out a professional surgeon that can complete the quick procedure in their office with little time or cost involved.

It is this type of thing that can end up being the best method to go about it because you trust a professional and you have them to hold accountable for having proper working laser hair removal equipment and a knowledgeable staff.

Without this, you may be looking at a much less confident procedure that could end up removing parts that you do not want removed.

The Scoop on Permanent Makeup

Believe me, I struggle every day to get out of bed and get ready for work. Sometimes I even sleep in my makeup (shh..) and re-touch in the morning if I’m feeling THAT lazy, which occurs somewhat semi-frequently. The new fad today is permanent makeup and in today’s fast-paced world it seems like people would do anything just to save some time. If you haven’t heard it from your hairstylist already, permanent makeup is not a new thing. Celebrities always have the first scoop on new fads and this is one of them, from Angelina Jolie to Marc Jacobs and Lucy Liu, these celebs had cosmetic tattooing just to save time even with their own makeup-artists! Cosmetic tattooing from inked on eyebrows, to eyeliner and lip liner has become a time-saver as indispensable to young female power suits as Facebook is to you and me. Cosmetic tattooing is really just your average tattooing except instead of Kat Von D’s handiwork you will get subtle eyebrows perfect for your face shape. Now you know the “scoop” here are the real details of permanent make-up.

So How Does Permanent Makeup Work?

Permanent makeup is also referred to as micro-pigmentation, a procedure that applies micro insertions of pigment onto the dermal layer of the skin. The older a person gets, the more their facial features loses color. The most common applications are the eyebrows, lips, and eye liner. Instead of getting a tattoo done at a tattoo parlor, your tattooing is done at either a cosmetic surgery practice or a medical spa. This is important because these centers have the necessary experts to guarantee your safety and satisfaction as they are licensed. If the center has a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, even better! Before the procedure you will have a consultation, this is where you get to describe all of your concerns, insecurities, and what you hope to solve with cosmetic tattooing. Most practitioners will sketch their design on the client’s face prior to laying ink. Practitioners can also etch indelible eyebrow outlines so your waxer has a simple guide to follow and reduces the chance of your eyebrows being partially removed on accident. Inking can take anywhere from 20 minutes for simple eyeliner to an hour for eye brows or the entire lip. If you’d prefer the area to be numbed with cream or a lidocaine gel, then add another 60 minutes for the numbing to take. Complete recovery is only three-seven days though lips and lids will most likely be puffy for the first 24-48 hours like with any tattooing. Your tattoo will also appear much darker for up to six weeks until that layer sloughs off. Tattoos deteriorate no matter where they are located but facial tattoos are more susceptible to sun exposure so applying regular sunscreen will slow the process but touch ups will be necessary after 2-10 years.

Benefits and Problems of Permanent Makeup

To every great thing there is always a downside. Permanent makeup can save you years of time with no worries about smudging or reapplying as it won’t come off in the shower or while you’re laying out at the beach. People with disabilities or impaired motor skills, such as arthritis, can fully benefit from permanent makeup especially if they aren’t able to apply it themselves. After reconstructive surgery in areas like the face or breast, permanent makeup can help return the skin’s appearance to normal if pigment was lost during surgery or even hide permanent scars. Women who have had a mastectomy and have gone through breast reconstructive surgery can have tattooed areolas that are very similar in size and color to their originals. As much of a simple and easy procedure, there are always drawbacks. The problems and concerns of permanent makeup are almost identical as the problems with tattoos. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved many shades of ink for cosmetic use but they are not always safe for injection. The FDA has received over 150 complaints and negative responses about some of the shades of ink used in permanent makeup that were approved by the FDA. Allergies are also a serious concern and although they are rare, they are very difficult to treat because once the ink has been injected it is very hard to remove the pigment from skin. There is also a chance of developing a keloid formation, where scars grow beyond their natural boundaries, or granulomas, nodules that form around the pigment. Hepatitis and staph infections can surely be transmitted through needles; this is why cosmetic tattooing is only recommended in licensed centers such as cosmetic surgery practices or medical spas. Another important factor with a higher degree of occurrence is human-based. Most women have a daily routine, they have differing styles for the makeup they wear to work, casual outings, or formal outings and none of these are usually the same. So when women want permanent makeup to make their lives a little easier they don’t realize that it is permanent so the black eyeliner you choose will stay black. There has been an increase of technology to remove tattoos through laser, dermabrasion, and surgical removal but pigment removal is difficult and time-consuming and often leaves scars.

To tattoo or not to tattoo?

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before pursuing permanent makeup. Are you allergic to any of the ingredients in shades of ink? Similar to a body tattoo, will you regret or become tired of having permanent makeup? You also must be realistic, tattoos never come out perfect; they can fade and even turn colors sometimes though for those who do regret their tattoos laser removal is available. The cost of inking can range from $1,000 to $2,000 depending on how much ink you have done. The best start is to weigh the factors and ask yourself a few questions. Once you’ve got that worked out, you’re ready to contact a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist to get you started.

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