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(Photo credit: Beth Wise) Ancient Ghost Forest on the Beach The origins of a number of the Oregon Coast’s natural wonders are hard to describe unless you’re a geologist. The is such a place. At low tide, particularly when winter’s heavy surf action searches sand from the beach, an ancient forest is exposed.

The stumps are from a forest of trees estimated at 2,000 years of ages. This forest on the beach is believed to be the result of an earthquake that abruptly reduced the trees that were then buried by a landslide. The buried and immersed trunks were protected due to lack of direct exposure to oxygen.

What you see today is a little bigger than the original natural harbor that was expanded in the mid 1950s. Prior to that, at low tides fishing boats at the docks were left listing in just a few inches of water and mud. When initially completed in 1939, the harbor was only 375 feet long and 125 feet broad.

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It’s believed that Devils Punchbowl is a former sea cave whose roof collapsed. A Foamy Ocean Cauldron The geological history of the Oregon Coast has actually resulted in many dramatic landmarks consisting of nearly 2,000 near-shore sea stacks and small islands, however soft sandstone, delicately sculpted over thousands of years, accounts for some of the most interesting rock developments.

Nearby is, a similar development where 2 other sights are the highlights: Spouting Horn and. At the edge of the chasm, Spouting Horn forces rising waves through a small opening in the top of the rock ejecting regular geysers of water and mist into the air with a whoosh! On the rocky reef, simply to the northwest is Thor’s Well that looks like a big hole in the rock.

Both attractions can be seen safely from viewing locations simply off the highway. Coast Acres State Park is house to a formal garden, a Japanese-style garden with a lily pond and two increased gardens, which include All American Rose Selections. Oceanfront Formal Gardens The sandstone cliffside views and explosive wave action at are among the Oregon Coast’s finest picturesque stops, but garden fans remain in for a surprise here too.

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The meticulously maintained formal gardens are what stays of a one-time oceanfront estate owned by Louis J. Simpson, a Coos Bay wood baron. The Simpson house, developed throughout the first years of the 20th century, burned to the ground in 1921, leaving the improbable gardens and carekeepers cottage without context.

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Port Orford is house to what is thought to be one of just 6 dolly docks on the planet. A Fishing Dock Like No Other All of the Oregon Coast’s fishing ports lie on bays or rivers safely away from the Pacific Ocean’s raving storms except for one. The sits in a naturally safeguarded harbor, protected from ocean storms by a headland and overseas rocks.

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There’s no normal harbor moorage. Each boat is raised in and out of the water and are put on dolly trailers for storage on the dock. It is thought to be one of only 6 dolly docks on the planet. The port has been in usage given that the 1850s and today is home to a small fleet of fishing boats.

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While the majority of Oregon’s coastal forests are a mix of towering sitka spruce, western hemlock, Douglas fir and western red cedar, there are some lovely stands of Oregon myrtle, including what might be the biggest Myrtle tree in the world that can be seen on a short hike on the near Gold Beach.