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The History Behind Pogo Sticks

The History Behind Pogo Sticks

Pogo sticks have quite the history. You have this basic design. It is the Y-shaped pole with two-foot pads for you to place your feet. You then have the spring and the simple mechanism that allows you to hop up and down. This is a design that was patented by a man named George B. Habsburg. It is said that he created the first pogo stick in 1919.

Something that you cannot deny when it comes to pogo sticks is the fact that it is not one of those fads that come and go. It is one of those toys that parents and even grandparents can identify with. No matter how many different looks it has or how many different types are made, the basic design still applies. It is a toy that remains virtually unchanged, so parents and grandparents know what their kids and grandkids are dealing with.

But in a way, the pogo stick is a bit of a legend and that legend extends back to World War I. A German Traveler was passing through Burma when he found lodging with a farmer who was poor. The farmer was so poor that he couldn’t afford shoes for his daughter, Pogo, and his daughter was unable to go to temple to pray. The rocks and the mud were just too much for her feet to handle.

As the legend continues, it is said that the farmer had taken a long pole and attached a shorter stick to the bottom of it. After practicing for just a matter of days, Pogo was able to jump the rocks and the mud so that she could go to the temple to pray.

The German then returned to his home country and attached a spring to improve the bounce. This occurred in 1919 and was, indeed, the first pogo stick with a spring apparatus.

Unfortunately, Germany had shipped a load of pogo sticks to the United States and the wood had become warped from the humidity, so the batch was not able to be used. It is then that Habsburg came up with a better pogo stick and it is then that the pogo stick became something found in every child’s toy chest.

It is true that the pogo stick has fluctuated in popularity throughout the years, but it is not a fad toy. This means that it is not like these toys that we see on the market today that are only popular like fad diets become popular. If that were the case, the pogo stick industry would be something that couldn’t survive the way that it has.

However, there have been slight changes to the pogo stick throughout the years. For example, Habsburg designed a new type and he called it the Master Pogo. Since then, various companies come up with their own models that do very well in the market. Now it seems that pogo sticks are like bicycles – the cooler the design, the more exciting it is. Then again, there is still the wooden design if you want a little tough of tradition.

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